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Google Analytics Self-Assessment Checklist

Google Analytics provides recruitment professionals with measurable insights into the impact, reach, and effectiveness of their online campaigns. The tool can be integral to helping schools continuously improve their digital marketing initiatives.

Inbound Marketing Checklist

Inbound marketing uses a combination of personalized content, social media amplification, and search engine optimization to become visible and appealing to targeted audiences. It is fast becoming the most effective strategy for online student recruitment.

Email Marketing Checklist

Email is the most consistently reliable way of communicating with your students, prospects and alumni but to create effective emails that actually reach them requires strategic implementation.

Social Media Self-Assessment Checklist

To reach today's students it's necessary to have a strong presence on social media. Effective social media initiatives can greatly expand your institution's visibility, respond to your audience's needs and cost-effectively promote your brand.

Search Engine Optimization Self-Assessment

To recruit today's prospective students, first you have to get on their radar. Most students use search engines like Google to compile their list of preferred colleges and universities without having an initial preference.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Self-Assessment Checklist

Online marketing has become essential for colleges and universities to reach prospective students, and while effective SEO is important for being found on search engines, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is a must for maximum visibility.

Lead Generation Self-Assessment Checklist

Lead generation for student recruitment encompasses all the strategic initiatives that are used to attract prospects and track their path to application and enrolment. Ensuring a consistently strong brand identity.

Content Marketing Self-Assessment Checklist

Great content communicates important information to your audiences and continues to deliver value long after it has first been published. An effective content development and distribution strategy makes all the difference.