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Our eBooks, blogs articles and other resources will help you find effective ideas to improve and maximize your website's potential.

2019 / Digital Marketing for Education Institutions

Featuring some of our most popular and widely read blogs from the previous year, this eBook provides a wealth of digital marketing and student recruitment insights for institutions of all kinds.

2018 / Digital Marketing for Education Institutions

Collecting some of our most insightful and thought-provoking posts from the last year, this eBook will provide your school with latest and most effective strategies for improving your digital marketing efforts.

2017 / Digital Marketing for Education Institutions

Packed with insights, advice, and ideas to help improve your school’s digital student recruitment campaigns, this collection brings together some of HEM’s most popular and informative posts from the last year.

2016 / Digital Marketing for Education Institutions

This eBook is a strategically organized overview of last year's most popular and relevant HEM content, with insightful examples and actionable advice that are sure to get your school off to a great start this year.

2015 / Digital Marketing for Higher Education

We’ve put together a comprehensive collection of examples, observations and analyses of 2014’s most exciting digital marketing trends.

2014 / Digital Marketing Trends for Higher Education

We took a look at the digital marketing trends in higher ed that our readers were most interested in throughout 2012 and packaged them into an informative and concise eBook. Find out what these trends can tell us.

2014 / Essentials for an Effective Higher Ed Website

Everybody knows that an effective website is crucial for student recruitment and engaging with your diverse audiences. But what makes a really great higher education website? Since we get asked this question all the time, we have created this new e-book....