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Higher Education Marketing

HEM participates in many conferences across the globe each year, presenting on a wide range of topics relevant to education marketers at both the secondary and tertiary level. Check here to access past presentations, and stay informed on upcoming talks!

April 2017 / ICEF Vancouver

HEM’s ‘Paid Search and Social Media Advertising Campaigns for Student Recruitment’ workshop will provide education professionals with a comprehensive framework for creating, implementing, and managing paid advertising campaigns across a range of digital channels, supplementing their organic digital marketing efforts and targeting prospective students more effectively.

April 2017 / Eaquals Conference

HEM will be hosting a ‘Paid Search and Social Media Advertising Workshop for Language School Recruitment,’ which will demonstrate how institutions can use PPC campaigns to increase their online visibility, and a special plenary entitled ‘Digital Marketing Strategies to Increase Direct Inquiries for Language Schools,’ where we will discuss strategies for expanding your international reach and streamlining your recruitment processes.

FEBRUARY 2017 / Languages Canada’s 10th Annual Conference

HEM’s presentation ‘Increasing Direct Inquiries with Digital Marketing for Language School Recruitment’ will examine how digital marketing can be used to generate more direct inquiries from students online, helping language schools to diversify their recruitment sources and make their lead generation process more efficient and cost-effective.

FEBRUARY 2017 /English UK Marketing Conference

HEM’s ‘Enhancing Language School Student Recruitment with Google Analytics’ workshop offers both new and intermediate users in the sector a comprehensive overview of how to use GA for tracking, measuring, and continuously improving their online lead generation and student recruitment initiatives.

January 2017 / English USA Professional Development Conference

HEM will present an associate session entitled "Digital Marketing Self-Assessment for Language Schools" which aims to equip language schools with the tools to develop their digital marketing initiatives, reducing their reliance on agents by generating more online inquiries and reaching new markets and regions.

May 2016 / CAPS-I Conference

HEM spoke to K-12 public school marketing and recruitment teams about how to expand their international presence online. This talk, entitled "Digital Marketing Solutions to Increase International Student Enrollment" focussed on how to reach, connect with, and recruit K-12 students from across the globe, and track that engagement for continuously improved results.