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Higher Education Marketing

Reach Out and Connect

With close to 98 per cent of students involved in social media today, Social Media Marketing has become essential to any higher education marketing effort. We offer an integrative strategy to leverage all platforms relevant to your audience and your global social media marketing goals. This will allow you to further establish your brand awareness and develop a strong enough presence that you will see a continuous increase in your ROI.

Customize Your Connection

Our customized Social Media Marketing solutions can help you:

  • Build online awareness about your school
  • Increase traffic to your website and all social media platforms
  • Improve conversion and lead generation
  • Create online communities for your students, faculty, admin, and alumni
  • Position your school as a leader in your niche
  • Control your online reputation as a school

Optimize and Engage

We provide a thorough competitive analysis that will:

  • Identify which social media platforms are most relevant for your school
  • Define a clear set of tactics to expand your presence.
  • Make your school’s events and posts more visible by advertising to targeted audiences.
  • Distinguish specific tactics to engage fans and followers, and to manage your communities.

Manage Reputation and Progress

  • Monitor your school’s reputation, respond in a timely manner and qualify the tone of the conversation about your school.
  • Determine social media performance platform analytics and comprehensive analytics tools.
  • Understand what content engages your audience through monthly social media analytics reports.